Vital Baby Nourish Perfectly Simple Bowls 5 Colorful Pieces

Vital Baby Nourish Perfectly Simple Baby Bowls 5 Colorful Pieces

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Vital Baby



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About this item:

    Baby Food Dish , The Size is Suitable for Baby Meals , Suitable for Placing on the Table or Baby Chairs , Used in All Meals , Easy to Wash , Bright Colors that Kids Love , Made of Safe Materials

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Bowls set of 5 colored blue, purple, green, red, orange, suitable for baby meals, suitable for placing on the table or children's chairs, small in size and light in weight, dishwasher safe, suitable for all meals or for placing liquid or mixed foods, ideal for feeding the baby From Vital Baby Nourish.

Suitable for liquid and thick food.
It is used in all meals.
It can be used as a snack between meals.
Easy to use and wash.
Safe for the child.
Bright colors that kids love.

The benefits of using baby dishes are profound

Useful in liquid food to prevent spillage.
Love the baby at the meal.
You can customize each dish for a specific meal.
It makes it easier for the mother to feed the child and she is reassured because it is made of safe materials.

Indications and Use

Use it Only for Food
It is Not Used as a Toy

Active Ingredients

Phthalate and Latex Free
BPA Free