Vichy Deodorant Clinical Control For Women Roll On 50 Ml

Vichy Deodorant Clinical Control For Women Roll On 50 Ml

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    Vichy 96 Hour Clinical Control Deodorant for Women, 96 Hour Clinical Control Deodorant For Women, Clinical Control 96HR Protection Anti-Perspirant Roll-on, Vichy Clinical Control-Deodorant, Vichy antiperspirant deodorant, Vichy deodorant roll.

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Do you struggle with excessive sweating which causes you embarrassment whenever you’re out and about? Vichy offers the ideal solution to fix your problem and boost your confidence with the Vichy Deodorant Clinical Control For Women Roll-On. It’s a long-lasting antiperspirant deodorant that provides up to 96 hours of sweat and odor protection.

This Vichy 96-Hour Clinical Control Deodorant for Women contains Vichy’s signature mineral thermal water which comes from French volcanoes and contains 15 essential minerals. These mainly work on strengthening the skin barrier under the arms and protecting it from outer elements like pollution. It also has Aluminum Chlorohydrate which is an antiperspirant active ingredient, typically around 15-25% in this type of deodorant. This ingredient blocks sweat ducts to reduce sweat production. Dimethicone is another addition to this Vichy deodorant roll-on which is a silicone-based emollient that provides a smooth feel and helps dry quickly.

Other important ingredients in 96 Hour Clinical Control Deodorant For Women are Zinc PCA which is the main ingredient behind odor control as it’s a sebo-regulating and purifying agent and Perlite which is an absorbent mineral powder that controls moisture. While Vichy Clinical Control-Deodorant is hypoallergenic and is considered suitable for sensitive skin, it contains Parfum, so it’s better to perform a patch test to avoid any allergic reaction.

One of the best features of Clinical Control 96HR Protection Anti-Perspirant Roll-on is that it’s quick-drying which means you won’t have to worry about waiting for it to dry or leaving marks on your clothes. This Vichy antiperspirant roll-on promises ultimate comfort without sensations of stickiness or irritation for up to 96 hours. Forget bad odor with the Vichy Clinical Control formula that limits the proliferation of Bacteria responsible for bad odors. Stay fresh and comfortable with Vichy Deodorant Clinical Control For Women’s long-lasting and odor-control effects.

Indications and Use

Apply the roll-on daily on your dry and clean underarms.

Active Ingredients



Aluminum hydrochloride

Pentylene Glycol