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Hamamelis Hair Tonic & Rosemary Extract 150 Ml

Hamamelis Swiss Hair Tonic with Rosemary for Sensitive Scalp 150Ml

165.00 SAR
Hamamelis Swiss Hair Tonic as a carrier for individual formulations (Formula magistralis) contains herbal micronutrients for the skin and the hair root. As a rescue therapy, Hamamelis Swiss Hair Tonic...
Phyto C Skin Care Balancing Toner 200 ML

Phyto-C Skin Care Balancing Toner for Skin Enhancement 200 ML

272.00 SAR
Phyto C balancing toner exfoliates, clarifies and smoothes rough skin texture for enhanced radiance. Phyto C toner refreshes and restores skin’s protective PH" with Vitamin B5 Aloe Vera Gel Vitamin...
SkinClinic Tonico Facial 200 ML

SkinClinic Tonico Facial 200 ML

158.00 SAR110.00 SAR
Moisturizing and decongestive toner with a toning and refreshing effect, for all skin types. To leave the skin ready for further treatments.