Vichy Deodorant Intensive 48hr Roll-On Antiperspirant 50 Ml
Vichy Deodorant Intensive 48hr Roll-On Antiperspirant 50 Ml 1

Vichy Deodorant Intensive 48hr Roll-On Antiperspirant 50 Ml

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All, Sensitive Skin

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One of the main problems people face with deodorants is that most of them do not last the whole day. However, with Vichy 48h Intensive Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll On, you can guarantee smelling fresh and clean for the whole day and even the day after that! The product promises to last at least 48 hours, protecting against both sweat and odor.

The two main ingredients in this Vichy antiperspirant deodorant are mineralizing water and aluminum salts. This Vichy deodorant roll is enriched with mineralizing thermal water containing 15 minerals that soothe and protect the sensitive skin under the arms. As for aluminum salts, they are the powerful ingredient behind the product’s intensive effect that makes it last 48 hours since its main function is to prevent sweat production.

While Vichy deodorant aluminum salt ingredients are powerful, they are still gentle on the skin and do not contain parabens, alcohol, or aluminum chlorohydrate, making them suitable for sensitive skin. The product combines micro-refined antiperspirant agents for targeted action on the sweat glands, blocking its production. It functions by penetrating the pores, operating in the heart of the gland and the channel of sweat release, normalizing excess perspiration without blocking action, and letting the skin breathe.

Moreover, the texture of Vichy deodorant antitranspirant 48h has a quick dry formula, which offers freshness and softness to your skin without feelings of discomfort. The texture also leaves a soft film on the axilla, similar to a powder finish, for a more effective absorption without a sticky sensation. This also makes it safe to use without worrying about it forming white or yellow marks on your clothes. Both men and women can use this Vichy deodorant, and it’s suitable for all skin types. Overall, Vichy Deodorant Intensive 48hr Roll-On Antiperspirant is a good option for people who are looking for a powerful and long-lasting deodorant that is gentle on sensitive skin.

Indications and Use

1. Use the deodorant daily after showering.
2. Apply the roll on formula to clean, dry and non-irritated skin

Active Ingredients

Aluminium Salt
Vichy Mineralizing Water