Some By Mi Exfoliating Acid Against Acne Serum 50 ML
Some By Mi Exfoliating Acid Against Acne Serum 50 ML 1
Some By Mi Exfoliating Acid Against Acne Serum 50 ML 2

Some By Mi Exfoliating Acid Against Acne Serum 50 ML

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Some BY Mi



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High concentration of green tea tree (10,000ppm) and Centella asiatica extract (14.5%) improves the texture of the skin and treats the causes of acne because it contains exfoliating acids (alpha, beta and PHA) Which removes dead skin cells, deeply cleans pores, and regulates excess sebum secretions in the skin. The serum contains several vegetable oils that help moisturize the skin and give it a unique appearance.

Efficacy of exfoliating acids:

  1. Soothing and moisturizing the skin.
  2. It gives the skin a distinctive aesthetic touch by moisturizing it.
  3. Helps soothe and moisturize the skin due to the natural oils contained within its components.

Get rid of fat and impurities

  1. It works to get rid of the sebum deposited inside the pores.
  2. It removes dead skin cells and helps get rid of impurities.

Skin Care

  1. Provides intensive care to the skin, which takes place within 30 days.
  2. Protects the skin from external factors affecting it, such as sunlight and dust.

Gently exfoliate the skin

It contains substances that contribute to the thinning of the skin.

Its ingredients are natural

  1. Free from harmful and chemical substances that may pose a kind of danger to the skin.
  2. It is suitable for both oily, dry and mixed skin, as it consists of simple and natural ingredients that do not have any negative effect on the skin.

Active Ingredients:

AHA for skin:

One of the benefits of AHA for the skin is that it may help stimulate the renewal of surface skin cells, in addition to increasing the production of collagen and elastin, which may decrease in frequency with age, so the use of these acids may help to resist skin wrinkles and fine lines.

BHA for skin:

Fighting bacteria that may play a role in acne breakouts.