Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Cream 150 Ml
Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Cream 150 Ml 1

Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Cream 150 Ml

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Mustela Maternite Stretch Marks Cream 150 Ml is specially formulated for new and pregnant mothers.

  • It prevents the appearance of stretch marks and helps reduce the appearance of new stretch marks, thanks to its natural ingredients.
  • The main ingredient is extracted from selected maracuja oil, a patented active ingredient of natural origin specially selected to improve the elasticity of the skin of pregnant mothers and maintain its suppleness.
  • Avocado oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help replenish and maintain the fragile hydrolipidic layer during pregnancy.
  • Avocado peptides (patented active ingredient of natural origin) that strengthens the hydrolipidic film, moisturizes and soothes the skin.
  • Its formula is made from 96% natural ingredients and its bottle is recyclable.
  • It can be used during breastfeeding.
  • 87% of women find that this cream reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
How to use:

  • The cream is applied in the morning and evening of the first month of pregnancy and after childbirth and can be used during breastfeeding.
  • Gently squeeze the tube and pour three hazelnut-sized amounts into your hand. Apply to the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts (observing nipple hygiene rules).
  • It should not be applied to signs of a recent caesarean section.
  • Put your clothes back on without fear, as the cream is non-greasy and does not stick.

Active Ingredients

Avocado Oil
Fatty Acids