Mother Choice Baby Rice Cereal 300 G
Mother Choice Baby Rice Cereal 300 G 1
Mother Choice Baby Rice Cereal 300 G 2

Mother's Choice Baby Rice & Milk Cereal for +4Month Babies 300 G

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About this item:

    Mother’s Choice Baby Rice Cereal in a convenient 300g pack! Thoughtfully crafted for your little one's first bites, this gentle cereal is made with care and packed with essential nutrients. Trust Mother’s Choice for a nourishing start to your baby's solid food journey.

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Mother’s Choice Baby Rice Cereal 300 gm is well-suited as the first solid food for complementary feeding for babies above 6 months.

When breast milk alone can no longer provide sufficient cover for the baby's growing nutritional requirements, it is recommended to first start feeding the baby with no added flavors but the natural quality of rice. Babies often tend to lose taste in the case of repeated wheat flavor, hence it helps to bring rice to the menu.

While infants and babies have more requirements of nutrients than adults, an adequate amount of the organic cereal will fulfil the baby's nutritional requirement along with vitamins and minerals.

The rice-based cereal packs the combined benefit of cereal and milk. Being free from any added artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, the cereal is trusted to be safe for your baby.

The baby rice cereal by Mother’s Choice is a rich and compact food, ideal for 4 months babies as their first solid wholesome food. The rice cereal is enriched with nutrition and natural goodness as it does not contain preservatives.

Mother’s choice baby Rice Cereal has no artificial colors or flavors, making it safe for baby’s consumption. This wholesome food acts as a source of multi-essential nutrients including vitamins and minerals required for babies, is easy to digest, and has great taste.

The Rice baby cereal will help your baby enjoy the goodness of cereal, milk, and rice in a single but complete meal.

Indications and Use

Take about 100mL of lukewarm water into baby's bowl and add recommended scoops (as mentioned on the pack) of Mothers Choice Baby rice Cereal.

Stir and mix properly and feed the baby immediately using a clean spoon.

Preparation: For essential health, prepare your infant’s food with utmost care and hygiene. To obtain maximum benefit, it is not recommended not to use lesser scoops than instructed, as the diluted portion will lack the inadequate nutrients needed by your baby. Neither use more scoops than mentioned because concentrated food will not provide the water required by your baby.

Storage: After opening the pack, carefully empty the contents immediately to a clean, dry, and airtight container. Place the lid tightly after every use and store it in a cool and dry place. Take care to thoroughly wash and dry the enclosed scoop before use. Once opened, use the contents within the expiry period.

Usage: Pediatrician's consultation should be taken before starting any infant food about the need for its use and the proper method of usage. Infant food is not the only source of nourishment for the baby. The prepared solution should be consumed within half an hour otherwise chance of microbial deterioration arises. Always discard left, unused feed.

It is a dietary nutritional supplement not for medicinal use. Read the label carefully before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store at a temperature below 25-degree Celsius and in a cool and dry place away from moisture. 

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B3 Vitamin C