Mother’s Choice Fun Shape Biscuits 180 G

Mother’s Choice Fun Shape Biscuits 180 G

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    Mother’s Choice Fun Shape Biscuits in a delightful 180g pack! These whimsically shaped biscuits are perfect for adding a touch of fun to snack time. Made with quality ingredients, they're sure to delight both kids and adults alike. Elevate your snacking experience with the playful shapes and delicious taste of Mother’s Choice Fun Shape Biscuits.

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Mothers Choice Baby Teething Biscuits are specially designed to soothe teething discomfort in infants. Made with gentle ingredients, These biscuits are free from artificial colors and flavors, offering a natural and nutritious option for teething relief.

These biscuits provide a safe and satisfying chewing experience for babies, helping to alleviate teething pain. Always supervise your baby while they enjoy these biscuits to ensure a secure teething experience.

This biscuit is big and hard, baby can hold it and bite, he will enjoy the good taste.

Indications and Use

It is a dietary nutritional supplement not for medicinal use, baby holds biscuit and bites. It will not break easily and choke the baby. It will slowly dissolve in his mouth and baby will enjoy the good taste.
Supervise your baby while they are eating the teething biscuit to ensure their safety.
Avoid introducing new foods without consulting your pediatrician.

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B6 Vitamin B3 Vitamin c