Lens Me Contact Lenses Color Tea
Lens Me Contact Lenses Color Tea 1
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Lens Me Contact Lenses Color Tea

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Lens Me



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Product Description:
A combination of tea colours makes your eyes more prominent.
Designed for you to highlight your feminine beauty.
Allows oxygen to pass through it to the eye, making the eye white without redness.
Gives the eyes maximum comfort, clear vision, and an elegant look.
Protects the eyes from allergies or redness because it features protection from ultraviolet rays.
Suitable to wear with makeup for a more attractive look.

Product information:
Water: 38%
Diameter: 14.2
Concavity: 8.6
Duration of use: 6 months

(1) Prepare to wear:
Wash your hands with mild soap and dry them well before touching the lenses.
Hold the lenses with your fingertips while avoiding touching them with your nails, preferably short nails.
Wash lenses with adequate physiological saline solution.
Place the lens on the index finger of the right hand, pull the lower eyelid with the tip of the middle finger and raise the upper eyelid with another middle finger to expand the eye.
Bring the lens towards the cornea slowly and gently stick it while looking in the mirror.
After the lens connects correctly to the cornea, open and close your eyes repeatedly for ultimate comfort.
(2) Remove and store:
Look in the mirror carefully and locate the lens.
Raise the upper eyelid with the finger of the left hand, and pull the lower eyelid with the middle finger of the right hand.
Touch the bottom of the lens with the tip of your thumb and index finger and pull outward.
After you have finished removing your lenses, rinse them with plenty of solution on the palm of your hand, then place them in a lens storage case with plenty of clean solution.