Frank Body Scrub Rose Gold Shimmer 220 G

Frank Body Scrub Rose Gold Shimmer 220 G

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Frank Body



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    Shimmering body scrub, exfoliating body scrub, rose gold body scrub, glitter body scrub

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Looking for the perfect body scrub for golden skin that is smooth and hydrated? Frank Body Scrub Rose Gold Shimmer's nourishing and exfoliating features promise to gently buff away dead skin cells and dry, flaky skin, leaving your skin smooth and radiant. The Frank Body Rose Gold Shimmer Scrub is a limited-edition version of the brand's original Shimmer Scrub, infused with a luxurious rose gold shimmer. 

Infused with the best natural ingredients, this body scrub from Frank Body has vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, making it perfect in more ways than one: exfoliating, moisturizing and providing a majestic glow. The ingredient behind that glow is shimmer dust, which is known as nature’s glitter, and they are tiny rose gold sparkles that stay on the body after scrubbing, giving you glowing skin. These are naturally occurring gold mica that is a sustainable alternative to plastic glitter, making this shimmer scrub  100% natural, light, and compostable as well as both planet and skin-friendly.

Another key ingredient in Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is Grape Seed Oil which has the main function of moisturization while Vitamin E protects the skin, and together, they lock in the shimmer and make your skin radiant. Coffee Seed Oil is another natural ingredient in Frank Body Shimmer scrub, which soothes, moisturizes, and energizes the skin. 

One thing you can guarantee with this product is that it will leave your skin soft and glowing, It also helps to unify the skin tone, lighten dark areas and get rid of stretch marks in the body as well as stimulate blood flow and collagen production. The Frank Body Rose Gold Shimmer Scrub is a great option if you are looking for a body scrub that will leave your skin feeling pampered and radiant.

Indications and Use

  • Damp skin either in the shower or during your cleansing routine.

  • Take an appropriate amount of the scrub and gently massage it onto your skin with circular motions; after massaging, rinse your skin thoroughly with water.

  • Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

  • For best results, use 3-5 times per week.