Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream 100 Ml
Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream 100 Ml 1
Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream 100 Ml 2

Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream 100 Ml

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Skin types:

Dry Skin, Damaged Skin

About this item:

    Eucerin foot cream, Eucerin foot cream 10 urea, Eucerin urea repair plus foot cream, Eucerin urearepair plus foot cream 10 urea

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Tired of going to get a pedicure every time your feet get dry and cracked? You don’t need to anymore once you use Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream! Eucerin Repair Plus 10% Urea Foot Cream 100 ml is a specialized skincare product tailored to address the unique needs of dry, rough, and cracked feet. It provides immediate relief from dry, severely dry, calloused feet with efficacy that lasts up to 48 hours

The main ingredient in Eucerin repair foot cream is Urea which is renowned for its ability to attract and retain moisture, making it an ideal ingredient for treating dry skin conditions. This makes Eucerin urea repair plus foot cream suitable for those with mature skin and skin conditions such as dryness, diabetes, and psoriasis as well as for dry and eczema-prone skin. 

The 10% urea concentration works to deeply penetrate the skin's layers, replenishing lost moisture and restoring the skin's natural barrier function. Eucerin urea-repair plus repair foot cream also contains ceramides, which are lipid molecules naturally found in the skin and maintain the skin's barrier function to lock in moisture and protect against external irritants. 

Ceramide has the main function of enhancing the cream's ability to strengthen and repair the skin's protective barrier, promoting long-lasting hydration and resilience. The formula has a non-greasy, fast-absorbing texture. It’s also clinically and dermatologically proven to provide immediate relief and long-lasting hydration, delaying dryness and roughness for up to 48 hours. With consistent use, you’ll notice a reduction in calluses and thickening of the heels. While the cream has a clinically proven formula tested by dermatologists, it’s still better to do a patch test on a small area before use.

Indications and Use

Apply the cream to clean, dry feet, morning and evening. Do a massage of the feet and heels until the cream is absorbed.