Derma roller 4 in 1 Kit

Derma roller 4 in 1 Kit

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Derma Roller



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The derma roller 4 in 1 kit typically includes various needle sizes for microneedling, aiding in skincare by promoting collagen production and improving product absorption.

Consists of four interchangeable roller heads with different needle lengths, catering to various skincare needs. It reduces acne scars and skin marks, improves blood circulation in your skin and refresh skin cells.

Microneedling with this kit can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks, promotes overall skin rejuvenation, improves skin texture and heals skin barrier, gets rid of dead skin cells.

This set provides you with healthy looking skin with a natural glow.

Indications and Use

Start with a clean face to ensure minimal risk of infection.

Select the appropriate roller head based on your skincare goals.

1200 needles for use on body - 1.5mm.

720 needles for use on face - 1.0mm.

300 needles for use on eye - 0.5mm.

Sterilize the roller and the nursing part with alcohol.

Apply suitable nutritional lotion or cream on the skin, and gently roll the derma roller over the skin in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal pattern.

Clean the roller thoroughly after each use.