Al Arayes Nose Strips for Sensitive Skin 6 Pcs

Al Arayes Nose Strips for Sensitive Skin 6 Pcs

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Al-Arays nose cleaning strips for sensitive skin 6 pieces

Clogged pores and accumulation of oily secretions on the face and nose are among the main reasons for the appearance of blackheads and pimples that leave a mark and cause facial disfigurement.
Agis Face and Nose Strips improve skin luminosity and elasticity.
Suitable for sensitive skin

How to use :

Take the patch out of the bag.
Twist patch to loosen and separate at slits before use.
• After washing your face, wet your nose well. The patch will not stick if the nose skin is dry.
• Dry your hands and remove the plastic wrap from the patch. Put it on the nose area, and spread the sides on the nose, while pressing it to ensure that it adheres well to the skin.
• Let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes until you feel that it has become solid like cardboard,
• Peel it off slowly and carefully, starting at the edges and pulling toward the center of the nose.

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