Acne Clarifying & Refining Treatment (2% Salicylic Acid) | Postpartum Skin Care Product | GLOWBIOTICS | 30 ml

Acne Clarifying & Refining Treatment (2% Salicylic Acid) | Postpartum Skin Care Product | GLOWBIOTICS | 30 ml

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The best acne treatment product to deal with hormonal changes associated with being pregnant, which may cause mild to severe post pregnancy acne for some women. Higher levels of hormones during and after pregnancy can cause increased secretion from oil glands, clogged pores, and sebum build-up on the skin. Acne Clarifying & Refining Treatment is the perfect postpartum skin care solution for new moms to treat acne after pregnancy. The perfect facial treatment to help reduce the appearance of breakouts and uneven skin tone. It uses topical probiotics and salicylic acid for acne to bring the skin back to balance and reduce irritation and redness caused by after pregnancy acne. This acne clarifying treatment also reduces the size of pores and refines the skin’s texture to take back beautiful, smooth skin. Acne scars treatment that encourages microscopic exfoliation to assist in the production of healthy and youthful skin. This acne treatment targets and stops the production of acne-forming bacteria and brings moisture levels back to optimal levels. Thus, it’s perfect for oily and combination skin types to not dry out and cause more oil production which in turn causes more acne.  PCOS treatment - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome -, a skin condition that leads to excessive oil production, deep acne, discolouration, and rough skin texture. This blemish removal cream decreases P. Acne bacteria by using a unique peptide matrix with an anti-bacterial effect without causing the normal inflammation found in OTC drugs. Acne Clarifying & Refining Treatment absorbs elevated oil levels and calms deep, painful acne with antiseptic and anti-microbial ingredients.

Active Ingredients

Probiotics , 2% Salicylic Acid , Glycolic Acid , SymCalmin® , Eucalyptus Oil , Licorice Root Extract , Smart Peptide 13 + Chelasyn® Complex